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signature; govt office; police station

Popularity rank: 725 Pinyin: shǔ, shù Korean: seo Hán-Việt: thự
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 3-9-4

Example Words

営林署[eirinsho] forest service field office
警察署[keisatsusho] police station
公署[kousho] government office
署名[shomei] signature
署名式[shomeishiki] signing ceremony (for a law, treaty, etc.)
消防署[shoubousho] fire station
税務署[zeimusho] tax office
代署[daisho] sign for another
副署[fukusho] countersignature
分署[bunsho] substation

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