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basket; devote oneself; seclude oneself; cage; coop; implied

ロウ · ru
かごkago · こ.めるkomeru · こも.るkomoru · こ.むkomu
Pinyin: lóng, lǒng Korean: rong Hán-Việt: lung, lộng
Stroke counts: 22 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 2-6-16

Example Words

印籠[inrou] seal case
引籠る[hikikomoru] to stay indoors
屑籠[kuzukago] waste basket
言籠める[iikomeru] to talk down
口籠る[kuchigomoru] to hesitate to say
籠める[komeru] to load (a gun, etc.)
参籠[sanrou] retirement (to a temple of shrine) for prayer
手籠[tegome] rape
石燈籠[ishidourou] stone lantern
切籠[kiriko] facet

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