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emulate; compete with; bid; sell at auction; bout; contest; race

キョウkyō · ケイkei
きそ.うkisou · せ.るseru · くら.べるkuraberu
Popularity rank: 610 Pinyin: jìng Korean: gyeong Hán-Việt: cạnh
Stroke counts: 20 Grade level: 4 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-10-10

Example Words

競べ[kurabe] contest
駅伝競走[ekidenkyousou] long-distance relay race
価格競争[kakakukyousou] price competition
競う[kisou] to compete with
競る[seru] to compete
競泳[kyouei] swimming race
競演[kyouen] recital contest
競技[kyougi] game
競技者[kyougisha] competitor
競合[kyougou] contention

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