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run alongside



Dictionary: 沿


run alongside; follow along; run along; lie along

そ.うsou · -ぞ.い-zoi
Popularity rank: 1121 Pinyin: yán, yàn Korean: yeon Hán-Việt: duyên
Stroke counts: 8 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-3-5

Example Words

沿う[sou] to run along
沿って[sotte] along
沿海[enkai] coast
沿革[enkaku] history
沿岸[engan] coast
沿線[ensen] along railway line
沿道[endou] route
沿路[enro] route
海沿い[umizoi] coastlands
河沿い[kawazoi] along the river

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