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for the most part; close up; flower stem

コウ · キョウkyō
ふさぐfusagu · やまにれyamanire · おおむねōmune
Pinyin: gěng Korean: gyeong Hán-Việt: ngạnh
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-4-7

Example Words

桔梗[kikyou] Chinese bellflower
梗概[kougai] outline
梗塞[kousoku] stoppage
捻じ桔梗[nejikikyou] Chinese bellflower (slightly screwed)
脳梗塞[noukousoku] stroke (blocked blood vessel in brain)
心筋梗塞[shinkinkousoku] heart attack
花梗[kakou] flower stalk
青梗菜[chingensai] qinggengcai (spinach-like green vegetable originating in China)
ラクナ梗塞[rakunakousoku] lacunar infarction
急性心筋梗塞[kyuuseishinkinkousoku] acute myocardial infarction

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