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チンchin · シンshin
Popularity rank: 2084 Pinyin: zhěn, zhèn Korean: chim Hán-Việt: chẩm, chấm
Stroke counts: 8 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-4-4

Example Words

仮枕[karimakura] nap
歌枕[utamakura] oft-repeated descriptive epithets in poetry
独枕[hitorimakura] lonely in bed
氷枕[koorimakura] ice pillow
北枕[kitamakura] lying with one's head to the north (trad. position for dead bodies; taboo for sleeping)
枕辺[makurabe] bedside
枕探し[makurasagashi] bedroom theft or thief
腕枕[udemakura] using one's arms as a pillow
空気枕[kuukimakura] air cushion

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