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outburst; rave; fret; force; violence; cruelty; outrage

ボウ · バクbaku
あば.くabaku · あば.れるabareru
Popularity rank: 692 Pinyin: bào, pù Korean: pog, po Hán-Việt: bạo, bộc
Stroke counts: 15 Grade level: 5 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-8-7

Example Words

横暴[oubou] violence
家庭内暴力[kateinaibouryoku] household violence (esp. adolescent children towards parents)
狂暴[kyoubou] rage
自暴[jibou] despair
自暴自棄[jiboujiki] desperation
粗暴[sobou] wild
暴き出す[abakidasu] to dig up and expose a criminal matter
暴く[abaku] to disclose
暴れる[abareru] to act violently
暴れ回る[abaremawaru] to rampage

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