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Latin; kidnap; crush

ラツratsu · ra · ロウ
らっ.するratusuru · ひし.ぐhishigu · くだ.くkudaku
Pinyin: lā, lá, lǎ Korean: rab Hán-Việt: lạp
Stroke counts: 8 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-3-5

Example Words

拉麺[raamen] ramen (Chinese-style noodles)
拉丁[raten] Latin (language)
拉丁語[ratengo] Latin
亜拉毘亜[arabia] Arabia
拉致[rachi] taking captive
取拉ぐ[torihishigu] to crush
踏み拉く[fumishidaku] to trample
打ち拉がれる[uchihishigareru] to be stricken (e.g. with grief)
打ち拉ぐ[uchihishigu] to crush (with the weight of misfortune)
拉げる[hishigeru] to be crushed

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