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grace; kindness; goodness; favor; mercy; blessing; benefit

Popularity rank: 1418 Pinyin: ēn Korean: eun Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 5 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-6-4

Example Words

恩が有る[ongaaru] to be in one's debt
恩を仇で返す[onwoadadekaesu] to return evil for good
恩愛[onai] kindness and affection
恩給[onkyuu] pension
恩恵[onkei] grace
恩顧[onko] favour
恩師[onshi] one's honoured teacher
恩賜[onshi] Imperial gift
恩赦[onsha] amnesty

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