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mausoleum; shrine; palace

ビョウbyō · ミョウmyō
たまやtamaya · みたまやmitamaya · やしろyashiro
Popularity rank: 2101 Pinyin: miào Korean: myo Hán-Việt: miếu
Stroke counts: 15 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 3-3-12

Example Words

伊勢大廟[isetaibyou] the Grand Shrines of Ise
古廟[kobyou] old shrine
帝廟[teibyou] imperial mausoleum
宗廟[soubyou] ancestral shrine (temple)
祖廟[sobyou] mausoleum containing the remains of one's ancestors
霊廟[reibyou] mausoleum
聖廟[seibyou] Confucian temple
廟堂[byoudou] the Court
廟号[byougou] temple name (a two-character posthumous name given to Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese royalty)

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