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hermitage; retreat

いおりiori · いおio
Popularity rank: 2119 Pinyin: ān Korean: am Hán-Việt: am
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 3-3-8

Example Words

庵室[anshitsu] hermit's cell
庵主[anshu] owner of a hermitage
慶庵[keian] agency for employing servants and arranging marriages (Edo period)
僧庵[souan] priest's hermitage
僧庵生活[souanseikatsu] hermit life
沢庵[takuan] pickled daikon radish
沢庵漬け[takuanzuke] pickled daikon (radish)
草庵[souan] thatched hut
庵を結ぶ[ioriwomusubu] to build oneself a hermitage

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