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reasonable; just; natural; superb; outstanding; plausible

もっと.もmottomo · とが.めるtogameru
Pinyin: yóu Korean: u Hán-Việt: vưu
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 4-4-4

Example Words

尤なる[yuunaru] superb
尤も[mottomo] quite right
尤もらしい[mottomorashii] plausible
尤度[yuudo] likelihood
尤物[yuubutsu] something superior
ご尤も[gomottomo] You are quite right
ご無理ご尤も[gomurigomottomo] you are unquestionably right
尤もらしい顔[mottomorashiikao] dignified expression
蚩尤[shiyuu] Chinese god of war.
最尤法[saiyuuhou] maximum-likelihood estimation

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