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leader; commander; general; admiral; or; and again; soon; from now on; just about

ショウshō · ソウ
まさ.にmasani · はたhata · まさmasa · ひきい.るhikīru · もってmotte
Popularity rank: 634 Pinyin: jiāng, jiàng Korean: jang Hán-Việt: tương, thương, tướng
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-3-7

Example Words

将又[hatamata] and
一将[isshou] general (military)
王将[oushou] king
餓鬼大将[gakidaishou] boss of the children (in the neighbourhood) (neighborhood)
海将[kaishou] Vice-Admiral (Maritime Self-Defence Force of Japan) (defense)
近い将来[chikaishourai] near future
金将[kinshou] gold general (shogi)
空軍連絡将校[kuugunrenrakushoukou] air liaison officer
軍将[gunshou] army commander
次将[jishou] second in command

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