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affection; love; patronage

めぐ.みmegumi · めぐ.むmegumu
Pinyin: chǒng Korean: chong Hán-Việt: sủng
Stroke counts: 19 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 2-3-16

Example Words

恩寵[onchou] grace
君寵[kunchou] the favor of one's ruler (favour)
寵児[chouji] favorite child
寵臣[choushin] favored retainer
寵愛[chouai] favor
恩寵を受ける[onchouwoukeru] to enjoy (a person's) favor (favour)
寵姫[chouki] one's favorite mistress
寵幸[choukou] favor
寵愛一身[chouaiisshin] standing highest in one's master's favor
寵愛こうじて尼にする[chouaikoujiteamanisuru] to love one's child too much for their own good

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