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cram school; private school

Popularity rank: 1297 Pinyin: shú Korean: sug Hán-Việt: thục
Stroke counts: 14 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-10-3

Example Words

学習塾[gakushuujuku] private night-school
義塾[gijuku] private school
私塾[shijuku] private school (in house)
塾生[jukusei] private-school student
塾長[jukuchou] principal of a private school
家塾[kajuku] (historical) government-backed school operated by a scholar out of his home
英語塾[eigojuku] private school for the study of English
入塾[nyuujuku] entering a private school
進学塾[shingakujuku] cramschool (for boys and girls who wish to go on to the next stage of education)

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