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once; before; formerly; ever; never; ex-; lick; lap up; burn up; taste; undergo; underrate; despise

ショウshō · ジョウ
かつ.てkatsute · こころ.みるkokoromiru · な.めるnameru
Pinyin: cháng Korean: sang Hán-Việt: thường
Stroke counts: 14 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 2-5-9

Example Words

べろべろ嘗める[beroberonameru] to lick something up
臥薪嘗胆[gashinshoutan] going through thick and thin to attain one's objective
嘗める[nameru] to lick
嘗て[katsute] once
総嘗め[souname] annihilation
神嘗の祭[kannienomatsuri] offering of the year's new rice harvest (imperial festival, October 17)
新嘗祭[niinamesai] ceremonial offering by the Emperor of newly-harvested rice to the deities
大嘗祭[daijousai] first ceremonial offering of rice by newly-enthroned Emperor
未だ嘗て[imadakatsute] not until now (with neg. verb)

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