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spine; backbone

ro · リョryo
Popularity rank: 2055 Pinyin: lu:3 Korean: ryeo Hán-Việt: lữ, lã
Stroke counts: 7 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 4-7-1

Example Words

お風呂に入る[ofuronihairu] to take a bath
トルコ風呂[torukoburo] Turkish bath
伊呂波[iroha] traditional ordering of the Japanese syllabary
一風呂[hitofuro] (a) bath
潮風呂[shioburo] (hot) saltwater bath
語呂[goro] sound (of a sentence)
語呂合せ[goroawase] rhyming game
大風呂敷[ooburoshiki] large furoshiki
男風呂[otokoburo] (public) baths for men
風呂[furo] bath

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