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yonder; facing; beyond; confront; defy; tend toward; approach

む.くmuku · む.いmui · -む.き-muki · む.けるmukeru · -む.け-muke · む.かうmukau · む.かいmukai · む.こうmu · む.mu
Popularity rank: 182 Pinyin: xiàng Korean: hyang, sang Hán-Việt: hướng
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 3 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 3-3-3

Example Words

の向かいに[nomukaini] opposite of
一向[hitaburu] nothing but
直向[hitamuki] earnest
向きに成る[mukininaru] to become serious
オブジェクト指向[obujekutoshikou] object-oriented
オブジェクト指向言語[obujekutoshikougengo] object-oriented language
コンシューマ向け製品[konshuumamukeseihin] consumer products
一向[ikkou] completely
一向に構わない[ikkounikamawanai] doesn't care at all
陰日向[kagehinata] double-faced

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