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fragrant; stink; glow; insinuate; (kokuji)

にお.うniou · にお.いnioi · にお.わせるniowaseru
Popularity rank: 2213 Pinyin: Korean: nae Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 3-2-2

Example Words

匂い菖蒲[nioishoubu] aromatic cane
匂い袋[nioibukuro] sachet
匂い油[nioiabura] perfumed hair oil
匂わす[niowasu] to give out an odor, scent or perfume (odour)
匂わせる[niowaseru] to smell of
匂う[niou] to be fragrant
咲匂う[sakiniou] to be in beautiful full bloom
文学的な匂い[bungakutekinanioi] literary flavor
匂い立つ[nioitatsu] to be enveloped in a smell

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