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come off





come off; peel; fade; discolor

ハクhaku · ホクhoku
へ.ぐhegu · へず.るhezuru · む.くmuku · む.けるmukeru · は.がれるhagareru · は.ぐhagu · は.げるhageru · は.がすhagasu
Popularity rank: 2383 Pinyin: bō, bāo Korean: bag Hán-Việt: bác
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-8-2

Example Words

剥れる[mukureru] to become angry or sullen
引き剥がす[hikihagasu] to tear off
引き剥し強度[hikihagashikyoudo] peel strength (conductor from substrate)
化けの皮を剥ぐ[bakenokawawohagu] to unmask (someone's true nature)
擦剥く[surimuku] to skin (one's knee)
擦剥ける[surimukeru] to abrade
剥がれる[hagareru] to come unstuck from
剥き出し[mukidashi] nakedness
剥き出す[mukidasu] to show

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