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lose interest in; tire of

あき.るakiru · あぐ.むagumu · あぐ.ねるaguneru · う.むumu · つか.れるtsukareru
Pinyin: juàn Korean: gweon Hán-Việt: quyện
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-2-8

Example Words

倦み疲れる[umitsukareru] to grow weary
倦厭[kenen] weariness
倦怠[kentai] languor
倦怠感[kentaikan] physical weariness
倦怠期[kentaiki] the stage of fatigue
倦憊[kenpai] extreme fatigue
倦む[agumu] to get tired of (doing)
倦る[akiru] to get tired of
攻め倦む[semeagumu] to lose the attacking initiative
待ち倦む[machiagumu] to tire of waiting

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