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mingle; mixing; association; coming & going

まじ.わるmajiwaru · まじ.えるmajieru · ま.じるmajiru · まじ.るmajiru · ま.ざるmazaru · ま.ぜるmazeru · -か.う-kau · か.わkawa
Popularity rank: 178 Pinyin: jiāo Korean: gyo Hán-Việt: giao
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-4-2

Example Words

ない交ぜにする[naimazenisuru] to blend (e.g. truth and lies)
データ交換[deetakoukan] data exchange
メール交換[meerukoukan] exchange of letters
リーダー交代[riidaakoutai] leadership change
意見交換[ikenkoukan] exchange of ideas
一方交通[ippoukoutsuu] one-way traffic
羽交絞め[hagaijime] pinioning
仮名交じり[kanamajiri] mixed writing (characters and kana)
仮名交じり文[kanamajiribun] mixed writing (characters and kana)
賀詞交換[gashikoukan] New Year greetings (parties)

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