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shish kebab; spit; skewer

カンkan · ケンken · センsen
くしkushi · つらぬ.くtsuranuku
Popularity rank: 2139 Pinyin: chuàn Korean: gwan, cheon Hán-Việt: xuyến, quán
Stroke counts: 7 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 4-7-3

Example Words

串カツ[kushikatsu] fried pork and negi on skewers
串焼[kushiyaki] grilling on a skewer
串揚げ[kushiage] fried vegetables and meat on skewer
串戲[joudan] jest
竹串[takegushi] bamboo skewer
焼き串[yakigushi] skewer
串刺し[kushizashi] skewer
串柿[kushigaki] dried persimmons on a skewer
玉串[tamagushi] branch of a sacred tree (esp. sakaki) with paper or cotton strips attached (used as an offering)

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