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Tips: joujou characters (Kanji characters to be learned at schools in Japan) are highlighted.
Also note that the English meaning under each Kanji is just one of many other possible senses.


Meaning: going; from
Kun-yomi: ここに/ああ/おいて/に/より/を
On-yomi: ウ/ク

question mark

Meaning: question mark; ?
Kun-yomi: か/ああ/かな/や/よ/を
On-yomi: コ/オ

Kun-yomi: ゆみをはってねら.う/も.つ
On-yomi: オ/ウ/コ/ク


Meaning: risk; disregard; go all out for
Kun-yomi: てをう.つ
On-yomi: ヘン/フン

breathe on

Meaning: breathe on; yawn; roar
Kun-yomi: いきをかけてあたた.める
On-yomi: ク/コウ

to spit out

Meaning: to spit out
Kun-yomi: つばをはいていな.む
On-yomi: トウ


Meaning: cut; file; trim
Kun-yomi: くじく/かどをと.る

Kun-yomi: たねをま.く/うつしう.える
On-yomi: ヘツ/ヘチ

eyes diseased and dim

Meaning: eyes diseased and dim
Kun-yomi: まなじりをいた.める

Kun-yomi: あみをは.る/わなをか.ける
On-yomi: ギョウ/キョウ/ゴウ

to hum

Meaning: to hum; to intone; to close; to shut
Kun-yomi: ども.る/くちをと.じる/うたうた.う
On-yomi: ゴン/キン

bore with awl

Meaning: bore with awl; bright; charming
Kun-yomi: あなをあ.ける
On-yomi: イツ/イチ/シュツ/ジュチ

to raise one's head

Meaning: to raise one's head
Kun-yomi: あたまをあ.げる
On-yomi: キ/ケン

Kun-yomi: かつ.ぐ/てでものをはか.る
On-yomi: ケツ/ゲチ/タク/チャク

Kun-yomi: はたけのいしをかつ.ぐ
On-yomi: ショウ

to weed

Meaning: to weed; to eradicate
Kun-yomi: くきをと.る
On-yomi: コウ

to beat the breast

Meaning: to beat the breast
Kun-yomi: むねをう.つ
On-yomi: ヘキ/ヒャク/ハク


Meaning: wash
Kun-yomi: かおをあら.う
On-yomi: カイ/ケ


Meaning: frown
Kun-yomi: まゆをひそ.める
On-yomi: シュク/セキ/シャク

wash face

Meaning: wash face
Kun-yomi: かおをあら.う
On-yomi: カイ/ケ

Kun-yomi: たづな/つよ.い/くじく/くじける/ぬいとりをしたなめしがわ
On-yomi: キ/カイ/ケ/エ/ワイ

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