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snapshot; take pictures

と.るtoru · つま.むtsumamu · -ど.り-dori
Popularity rank: 1023 Pinyin: cuō, zuǒ, cuò Korean: chwal Hán-Việt: toát
Stroke counts: 15 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-3-12

Example Words

一撮[hitotsumami] pinch (of something)
隠し撮り[kakushidori] taking pictures secretly
空撮[kuusatsu] shooting from a high level
戸外撮影[kogaisatsuei] taking pictures outdoors
撮り直し[torinaoshi] a retaken photograph
撮りなおす[torinaosu] to retake (a photograph)
撮る[toru] to take (a photo)
撮影[satsuei] photographing
撮影者[satsueisha] photographer
撮影所[satsueijo] film studio

Kanji Strokes Diagram


night watch; rake

ソウ · シュウshū
まも.るmamoru · たきぎtakigi · う.つutsu
Pinyin: zōu Korean: chu Hán-Việt: tưu
Stroke counts: 11 Skip code: 1-3-8

Kanji Strokes Diagram

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