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sutra; longitude; pass thru; expire; warp

ケイkei · キョウkyō
へ.るheru · た.つtatsu · たていとtateito · はか.るhakaru · のりnori
Popularity rank: 79 Pinyin: jīng, jìng Korean: gyeong Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 5 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-6-5

Example Words

易経[ekikyou] I Ching (Yi Jing) or The Book of Changes - one of the Five Classics
一切経[issaikyou] complete Buddhist scriptures
運動神経[undoushinkei] motor nerves
規模の経済[kibonokeizai] economies of scale
共同経営[kyoudoukeiei] joint management
経つ[tatsu] to pass
経る[heru] to pass
経緯[ikisatsu] details
経営[keiei] management
経営グループ[keieiguruupu] management group

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