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(insect) wings





(insect) wings; fly; merely

はねhane · つばさtsubasa
Pinyin: chì Korean: si Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 10 Skip code: 3-4-6

Example Words

前翅[zenshi] fore-wing (of insect)
鳳翅鐘[houshitou] wing-rings (weapon)
双翅類[soushirui] dipterans
翅斑蚊[hamadaraka] anopheles mosquito (any mosquito of genus Anopheles, capable of carrying malaria)
半翅目[hanshimoku] Hemiptera
隠翅虫[hanekakushi] rove beetle
翅脈[shimyaku] wing veins (of an insect)
後翅[koushi] hindwing
鞘翅類[shoushirui] coleopterans

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