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stab; protruding; thrusting; thrust; pierce; prick

トツtotsu · ka
Popularity rank: 521 Pinyin: tú, tū Korean: dol Hán-Việt: đột
Stroke counts: 8 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-3-5

Example Words

米突[meetoru] metre
烟突[entotsu] chimney
危機突破[kikitoppa] crisis relief
強突張り[goutsukubari] stubbornness
玉突[tamatsuki] billiards
激突[gekitotsu] crash into
剣突[kentsuku] rough scolding
剣突を食わす[kentsukuwokuwasu] to burst out in anger
小突く[kozuku] to poke
衝突[shoutotsu] collision

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