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キョウkyō · ゴウ
つよ.いtsuyoi · つよ.まるtsuyomaru · つよ.めるtsuyomeru · し.いるshiiru · こわ.いkowai
Popularity rank: 112 Pinyin: qiáng, jiàng, qiǎng Korean: gang Hán-Việt: cường, cưỡng
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 1-3-8

Example Words

カーソル強調[kaasorukyouchou] cursored emphasis
意志の強い[ishinotsuyoi] strong-minded
引き剥し強度[hikihagashikyoudo] peel strength (conductor from substrate)
引っ張り剪断強度[hipparisendankyoudo] peel strength (conductor from substrate)
俄勉強[niwakabenkyou] cramming
簡明強固[kanmeikyouko] plain and sturdy
関係強化[kankeikyouka] strengthening of relations
頑強[gankyou] dogged
強い[tsuyoi] strong
強いて[shiite] by force

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