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pull; tug; jerk; admit; install; quote; refer to

ひ.くhiku · ひ.きhiki · ひ.き-hiki- · -び.き-biki · ひ.けるhikeru
Popularity rank: 218 Pinyin: yǐn Korean: in Hán-Việt: dẫn, dấn
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 1-3-1

Example Words

引っ手繰り[hittakuri] purse snatching
ぽん引き[ponpiki] tout
アウトライト取引[autoraitotorihiki] outright transaction
亜鉛引[aenbiki] zinc coated (galvanized, galvanised)
一割引き[ichiwaribiki] 10% off sale
引かれる[hikareru] to be charmed by
引き千切る[hikichigiru] to tear off
引きさがる[hikisagaru] to withdraw
引き下げ[hikisage] reduction
引き降ろす[hikiorosu] to haul down

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