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corpse; remains; flag radical (no. 44)

Pinyin: shī Korean: si Hán-Việt: thi
Stroke counts: 3 Skip code: 4-3-1

Example Words

尸諌[shikan] admonishing (one's master) at the cost of one's life
尸位素餐[shiisosan] neglecting the duties of an office while taking pay
尸冠[shikabanekanmuri] kanji "corpse" radical
三尸[sanshi] the three worms (in Taoism, worms that inhabit the human gut and, on the eve of the 57th day of the sexagenary cycle, ascend to heaven during one's sleep to report on one's wrongdoings)
尸童[yorimashi] child or doll used as a vessel for a spirit invoked by a shaman or miko

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