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many; frequent; much

おお.いōi · まさ.にmasani · まさ.るmasaru
Popularity rank: 139 Pinyin: duō Korean: da Hán-Việt: đa
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 3-3-3

Example Words

於多福[otafuku] homely woman (esp. one with a small low nose, high flat forehead, and bulging cheeks)
圧倒的多数[attoutekitasuu] overwhelming numbers
一妻多夫[issaitafu] polyandry
一番多い[ichibanooi] most numerous
一夫多妻[ipputasai] polygamy
引く手数多[hikuteamata] being very popular
過多[kata] excess
幾多[ikuta] many
ご多忙中[gotabouchuu] in the midst of your work (often used as a formal phrase in business letters, etc.)
好事魔多し[koujimaooshi] Lights are usually followed by shadows

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