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pedestal; a stand; counter for machines and vehicles

ダイdai · タイtai
うてなutena · われware · つかさtsukasa
Popularity rank: 262 Pinyin: tái, tāi Korean: tae, i Hán-Việt: thai, đài, di
Stroke counts: 5 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 2-2-3

Example Words

パチンコ台[pachinkodai] pachinko (Japanese pinball) machine
ワーク取り付け台[waakutoritsukedai] (manufacturing) fixtures
独り舞台[hitoributai] performing solo (by oneself)
一台[ichidai] one machine
縁台[endai] bench
家台[yatai] cart (esp. a food cart)
下台所[shimodaidokoro] servants' kitchen
化粧台[keshoudai] dressing table
架台[kadai] stand
荷台[nidai] (truck) load-carrying tray

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