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cut; cutoff; be sharp

セツsetsu · サイsai
き.るkiru · -き.る-kiru · き.りkiri · -き.り-kiri · -ぎ.り-giri · き.れるkireru · -き.れる-kireru · き.れkire · -き-ki
Popularity rank: 324 Pinyin: qiē, qiè Korean: jeol, che Hán-Việt: thiết, thế
Stroke counts: 4 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 1-2-2

Example Words

吹っ切れる[fukkireru] to break through (e.g. one's doubts)
襤褸切[borokire] old rag
やり切る[yarikiru] complete decisively
切死丹[kirishitan] early Japanese Christianity (from the later Muromachi period)
哀切[aisetsu] pathetic
一切[issai] all
ひと切り[hitokiri] pause
1切れ[hitokire] slice
一切経[issaikyou] complete Buddhist scriptures
一切衆生[issaishujou] all living creatures

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