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enter; insert

ニュウnyū · ジュju
い.るiru · -い.る-iru · -い.り-iri · い.れるireru · -い.れ-ire · はい.るhairu
Popularity rank: 56 Pinyin: Korean: ib Hán-Việt: nhập
Stroke counts: 2 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 3-1-1

Example Words

お風呂に入る[ofuronihairu] to take a bath
鍬入れ式[kuwaireshiki] ground-breaking ceremony
塵入[gomiire] trashcan
キー入力[kiinyuuryoku] key (input)
ビジネススクール入学共通試験[bijinesusukuurunyuugakukyoutsuushiken] business school entrance test
メスを入れる[mesuwoireru] to operate
圧入[atsunyuu] indentation
移入[inyuu] importation
一寝入り[hitoneiri] nap
一入[hitoshio] still more

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