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deceased; the late; dying; perish

ボウ · モウ
な.いnai · な.き-naki- · ほろ.びるhorobiru · ほろ.ぶhorobu · ほろ.ぼすhorobosu
Popularity rank: 661 Pinyin: wáng, wú Korean: mang, mu Hán-Việt: vong, vô
Stroke counts: 3 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 4-3-4

Example Words

隠亡[onbou] cemetery guard
危急存亡[kikyuusonbou] life-and-death matter
興亡[koubou] rise and fall
死亡[shibou] death
死亡者[shibousha] the deceased
死亡診断書[shiboushindansho] death certificate
死亡数[shibousuu] number of deaths
死亡率[shibouritsu] death rate
衰亡[suibou] ruin
戦争未亡人[sensoumiboujin] war widow

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