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though; notwithstanding; while; during; both; all

sa · サクsaku
-なが.ら-nagara · たちま.ちtachimachi
Pinyin: zhà Korean: sa Hán-Việt: sạ, tác
Stroke counts: 5 Skip code: 4-5-3

Example Words

我乍ら[warenagara] even if I say so myself
及ばず乍ら[oyobazunagara] to the best of my ability, poor though it be
乍ら[nagara] while
二つ乍ら[futatsunagara] both
然し乍ら[shikashinagara] however
末筆乍ら[mappitsunagara] letter-closing phrase expressing regret for a delay
余所乍ら[yosonagara] while at a distance
否否乍ら[iyaiyanagara] reluctantly
居乍ら[inagara] from where one sits
憚り乍ら[habakarinagara] with all due respect ...

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