Meaning of mou in Japanese

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Definition of mou

  1. (adv, int) already; anymore →Related words: すでに
  2. soon; shortly
  3. more; further; other; again
  4. (int, adv) interjection used to strengthen expression of an emotion (often exasperation)
  1. (n) ignorance
  2. covering; concealing
  3. (n, pref) Mongolia →Related words: 蒙古
  1. (n) memorandum of agreement; agreement; memorandum of understanding; MOU; letter of intent; heads of agreement
  1. (adj-na) greatly energetic
  2. ferocious
  3. (pref) extreme; severe

    A severe typhoon has done much damage to property.

  1. (n) one-thousandth; 0.03 mm (one-thousandth of a sun); 0.01 percent (one-thousandth of a wari); 3.75 milligrams (one-thousandth of a monme)
  2. old monetary unit (0.0001 yen)
  1. (suf) network

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