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Definition of ko

  1. (n, vs) KO; knock-out
なまこ(namako) · かいそ(kaiso) · (ko) · ナマコ(namako) 海鼠

海鼠 Kanji Details

  1. (n) sea cucumber (Holothuroidea spp.) →Related words: 海牛
(ko) · (ko) ·

個箇 Kanji Details

  1. (ctr) counter for articles

    She can speak three languages.

  2. counter for military units
  3. individual

故 Kanji Details

  1. (pref) the late (deceased)
  1. (n, n-suf) child
  2. young (animal)
  3. young woman; young geisha
  4. offshoot
  5. interest →Related words: 元も子もない
  6. new shares →Related words: 子株
  7. bird egg
  8. (n-suf) (after a noun or -masu stem) -er (often of young women)
こな(kona) · (ko)

粉 Kanji Details

  1. (n) flour; meal; powder
こう(kou) · ごう(gou)

劫 Kanji Details

  1. (n) (Buddh) kalpa (eon, aeon)
  2. ko (in Go, the arrangement that allows for the eternal capture and recapture of the same stones)

戸 Kanji Details

  1. (ctr) counter for houses

    Two hundred houses were burnt down in the fire which broke out yesterday.


弧 Kanji Details

  1. (n) arc

    We can eliminate C and D since they are irrelevant to the generation of the arcs.


濃 Kanji Details

  1. (pref) dark; thick

湖 Kanji Details

  1. (suf) lake (in place names)

小 Kanji Details

  1. (pref) small; little; slight →Related words: 小皿
  2. slightly less than; just about →Related words: 小半日 ,
  3. somewhat; somehow →Related words: こざっぱり
  4. minor (sometimes derogatory); petty →Related words: 小役人
  1. (n) hu (ancient Chinese vessel shaped like a vase, usually used to store alcohol)

胡 Kanji Details

  1. (n) barbarian tribes surrounding ancient China
(ko) · っこ(kko)
  1. (suf) doing; in such a state →Related words: 慣れっこ , ぺちゃんこ
  2. doing together; contest; match →Related words: 睨めっこ
  3. familiarizing suffix (sometimes meaning "small") →Related words: 餡こ

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