Meaning of kai in Japanese

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Definition of kai

  1. (n, adj-no) low rank; subordinate; lower order (e.g. byte); low-end

    He was dropped because of his running mate.

  1. (n) the feelings of the people
  1. (n, n-suf) meeting; assembly; party
  2. association; club
  1. (ctr) counter for occurrences
  2. counter for games, rounds, etc.; counter for innings (baseball)
  3. (n, n-pref) Islam →Related words: 回教
  4. (n) Hui (people) →Related words: 回族
  1. (n, n-suf) storey; story; floor
  2. (n) stairs →Related words:
  3. (n, n-suf) stage (in chronostratigraphy)
  4. (ctr) counter for storeys and floors of a building
  1. (n) shell; shellfish

    What I have in my hand is a fossil seashell.

  1. (n) effect; result; worth; use; avail →Related words: 甲斐
さじ(saji) · しゃじ(shaji) · かい(kai) ·

匙匕 Kanji Details

  1. (n) spoon

    We eat soup with a spoon.

  1. (n) paddle; oar; scull
  1. (n) buying; shopping

    Buy cheap and waste your money.

  2. buyer
  3. purchase
  1. (n) mystery; wonder
かい(kai) · かえ(kae)
  1. (prt) marks yes-no question
  1. (n-suf) revision
  1. (n) solution (of equation)

    There is no telling what he will do.

  1. (n) (biological) kingdom
  2. erathem (rock layer corresponding to the era in which it was deposited)
  3. partition of land
  4. (suf) the world of (some category)
カイ(kai) · キー(kii) Χ ·χ

Χχ Kanji Details

  1. (n) chi
かい(kai) · いんごと(ingoto)

戒 Kanji Details

  1. (n) (Buddh) admonition; commandment
  2. sila (precept)
  1. (n) pleasure; delight; enjoyment
  1. (n) gorge; ravine →Related words: はざま
かい(kai) · かいご(kaigo) · ·

卵殻稃 Kanji Details

  1. (n) egg; eggshell
かい(kai) · げい(gei) 下医

下医 Kanji Details

  1. (n) bad physician; bad doctor

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