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Definition of go

いらっしゃい(irasshai) · いらしゃい(irashai)
  1. (int, n) (used as a polite imperative) come; go; stay →Related words: いらっしゃる
  2. welcome! →Related words: いらっしゃいませ
  1. (n) Go (board game of capturing territory)
(go) · いつ(itsu) · (i) · ウー(uu) ·

五5 Kanji Details

  1. (num) five

    It's five o'clock somewhere now.


伍 Kanji Details

  1. (num) five (used in legal documents)

    She worked side by side with men.

(go) · (o)

御 Kanji Details

  1. (pref) honourable; honorable
  1. (n) coming; going; being (somewhere) →Related words: お出でになる

    How long have you been in Japan?

  2. (exp) come (used as an imperative, usu. to children and one's inferiors); go; stay

    "Come, boy," she called, "come and play."

  1. (n) go (board game of capturing territory)

    Playing go is my favorite pastime.


語 Kanji Details

  1. (n, n-suf) language

    What is the language spoken in Mexico?

  2. word

    Sum up the passage within 200 words.

  1. (n) go (somewhere); go (signal)
  1. (suf) after →Related words: 午後
  1. (exp) come; go; stay →Related words: 御出でなさる

    We are going to the movies. Come with us.

  2. welcome! →Related words: いらっしゃい

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