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Definition of 切る

  1. (suf, v5r, vt) to cut (usu. to cut through) →Related words: 噛み切る
  2. to sever (connections, ties) →Related words: 縁を切る
  3. to turn off (i.e. the light)

    Do you mind if I turn off the AC?

  4. to terminate (i.e. a conversation); to hang up (the phone); to disconnect →Related words: 電話を切る

    "May I speak to Mr Smith?" "Will you hold the line?"

  5. to punch (a ticket); to tear off (a stub)
  6. to open (something sealed)
  7. to start

    I quit my job and moved so I could start off with a clean slate.

  8. to set (a limit)
  9. to reduce; to decrease; to discount →Related words: 値切る
  10. to shake off (water, etc.); to let drip-dry (or drain)
  11. to cross
  12. to do (something noticeable)
  13. to turn (a vehicle)
  14. to cut (the ball)
  15. to shuffle (cards)

    Please shuffle the cards carefully.

  16. to trump →Related words: 切り札
  17. (in Go) to isolate (an opponent's stone)
  18. (suf, v5r) (after the -masu stem of a verb) to finish; to complete →Related words: 疲れきる

    Harry managed to swim across the river.

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