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  1. (adv, suf) throne; crown; (nobleman's) seat

    "How much is this camera worth?" "About 100 dollars."

  2. government position; court rank →Related words: 位階

    Not bad. I can earn a good enough living.

  3. social standing; rank; class; echelon; rung
  4. (n) grade (of quality, etc.); level; tier; rank
  5. digit (e.g. the tens, the hundreds, etc.); place →Related words:

    What is 5814 rounded to the nearest thousand?

  6. degree; extent; amount →Related words: どの位

    Any child can answer that.

  1. (ctr) rank; place (e.g. first place)
  2. decimal place
  3. counter for ghosts

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