Meaning of 伸ばす in Japanese

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Definition of 伸ばす

  1. (v5s, vt) to grow long (beard, hair, etc.)

    The boy persisted in wearing his hair long.

  2. to lengthen; to extend; to stretch

    The impudent child extended her legs across my lap.

  3. to reach out; to hold out

    He reached out and took down a small leather bound book.

  4. to straighten; to smooth out
  5. to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.)
  6. to dilute; to thin out
  7. to postpone

    Don't put off the work till tomorrow.

  8. to prolong

    I'd like to stay one more night. Is that possible?

  9. to strengthen; to develop; to expand

    The purpose of the committee is to develop children's musical talent.

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