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Definition of ふん

  1. (n) minute

    We have a break from 10:40 to 11:00.

くそ(kuso) · ふん(fun) · クソ(kuso) ·

糞屎 Kanji Details

  1. (int) bullshit; shit; damn
  2. (n) feces; excrement
  3. (adj-f) damn (adds emphasis and or annoyance to next word, e.g. damn hot, damn kids, etc.); damned
ふん(fun) · ふうん(fuun) · ふーん(fuun)
  1. (int) hmm; well ...; humph; huh; pshaw; pish
  2. (pref) roughly; harshly; violently
  1. (n) proboscis
  1. (n, n-pref, n-suf) Finland →Related words: 芬蘭
  2. (adj-t, adv-to) fragrant; aromatic

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