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Definition of なる

  1. (v5r, vi) to become; to get; to grow; to be; to reach; to attain

    When you go, I'll miss you very much.

  2. to result in; to prove to be

    The news turned out true in a week.

  3. to consist of; to be composed of

    Nine players make up a team.

  4. to succeed; to be complete

    Don't make such a sour face.

  5. to change into; to be exchanged for
  6. to play a role →Related words: 成り済ます

    All right. I'll take it.

  7. to be promoted (shogi)

    This soup smells horrible. Do you think it's gone off?

  8. (v5r) to do ...
  1. (v5r, vi) to sound; to ring; to resound; to echo; to roar; to rumble
  1. (v5r, vi) to bear fruit

    This tree does not bear fruit.

  1. (suf, adj-f) that is in →Related words:
  2. who is called; that is called
  3. that is

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