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Definition of つく

  1. (v5k) to ascend (the throne); to accede →Related words: 付く
  2. to take (seat, position, course, etc.); to assume
  3. to start (on a journey); to commence; to depart

    We set out for home.

  4. to study (under teacher); to be an apprentice
  1. (v5k) to arrive at; to reach
  2. to sit on; to sit at (e.g. the table) →Related words: 席に着く
  1. (v5k, vi) to be lit (e.g. electricity comes on); to be lighted

    The lights have been burning all night.

  2. to catch fire →Related words: 火がつく , 付く
  1. (v5k, vt) to breathe out; to breathe

    Take a deep breath in and out, please.

  2. to tell (a lie); to use (foul language)

    You'll regret having said those words.

  3. to vomit; to throw up; to spit up →Related words: 吐く

    I threw up three times.

  1. (v5k, vt) to prick; to stab
  2. to poke; to prod; to push; to thrust; to nudge; to hit; to strike
  3. to use (a cane); to prop oneself up with; to press against (the floor, etc.)
  4. to attack
  5. to brave (the rain, etc.)
  1. (v5k, vi) to be attached; to be connected with; to adhere; to stick; to cling
  2. to remain imprinted; to scar; to stain; to dye
  3. to bear (fruit, interest, etc.)
  4. to be acquired (of a habit, ability, etc.); to increase (of strength, etc.)

    He has taken to drinking since the death of his wife.

  5. to take root
  6. to accompany; to attend; to follow; to study with

    Does it have a bathroom?

  7. to side with; to belong to

    He sided with the opposition group in the argument.

  8. to possess; to haunt →Related words: 憑く
  9. to be lit; to be lighted →Related words: 点く

    The TV won't turn on.

  10. to be settled; to be resolved; to be decided
  11. to be given (of a name, price, etc.)
  12. to be sensed; to be perceived
  13. to be lucky
  14. (suf, v5k) (after -masu stems, onomatopoeic and mimetic words) to become (a state, condition, etc.) →Related words: 付く
みみずく(mimizuku) · みみづく(mimizuku) · ずく(zuku) · つく(tsuku) 木菟 ·角鴟 ·木兎

木菟角鴟兎 Kanji Details

  1. (n) horned owl
  1. (v5k) to possess; to haunt →Related words: 付く
  1. (v5k, vt) to hull (rice, barley, etc.); to pound (rice); to polish (rice); to stamp (ore)
  1. (v5k, vi) to be immersed
  2. to be pickled

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