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It seems that (se) is an inflection of する with the following forms:
  • Imperative form
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Definition of

  1. (n) shallows; shoal

    Don't be so glum about it. Life has its ups and downs.

  2. rapids; current; torrent
  3. position; place →Related words: 立つ瀬
  4. chance; opportunity

畝 Kanji Details

  1. (n) se (Japanese unit of area equal to 30 tsubo, ~99.174 m.sq.) →Related words:
  1. (n) back; spine
  2. reverse; rear side
  3. height
  4. ridge (of a mountain)
(o) · (u) · (se)

諾 Kanji Details

  1. (int) yes; all right; OK; okay

狭 Kanji Details

  1. (n) narrowness; being cramped; being almost full →Related words: 狭に

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