Meaning of しかん in Japanese

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Definition of しかん

  1. (n, vs) government service; samurai's service

    The officer told his men to advance.

  1. (n) chronicler
  1. (n, suf) historical view; view of history (from a given point of view)
  1. (n) officer (military)

    He has received a commission as a naval officer.

  1. (n) crown of a tooth
しかん(shikan) · ちかん(chikan) 弛緩

弛緩 Kanji Details

  1. (n, vs) relaxation (e.g. of muscles); becoming flaccid
  1. (n, vs) admonishing (one's master) at the cost of one's life
  1. (n) personal impression
  1. (n) collection of poems
  1. (n) eclampsia
  1. (n) (Buddh) calm abiding and clear observation (Tendai meditation)
  2. Tendai →Related words: 天台宗
  1. (n) necrophilia; necrophilism
  1. (n, adj-no) space between the teeth; interdental space
  1. (n, vs) ogling; eyeing (lecherously); leering; staring

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