Meaning of きんしょう in Japanese

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きん kin しょう shō

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Definition of きんしょう

  1. (adj-no, adj-na) (a) few; (a) little; trifling; insignificant; small (amount); scarce (stocks) →Related words: 僅か
  1. (n) gold general (shogi)
  1. (n) (ling) proximal pronoun (indicating proximity to the speaker, i. e., kore, koko, kochira)
  1. (n) gold (first-place) prize
  1. (n) purity measure for gold; karat; carat; K; kt
  2. personality of a person born under the element of fire →Related words: 五行
  1. (n) mushroom bed

Words related to きんしょう

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